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Purebred Spanish stallion Buckskin Pearl Cr/Prl.
Belongs to Equus Vita

Date of birth: 03/10/2020

Name: Orchid Tristan

By Pearl of Peace EV & Lago Hidalga by Especial PM.

Dress: Isabelle Pearl (Bay + Cr + Prl)
Height: 1.60m

One day we met a uniquely beautiful horse: Pearl of Peace EV.

A stallion with a still very rare coat: Isabello (a bay horse carrying two Prl alleles).

Pearl of Peace was a Grand Prix dressage horse. His mother, VEGA X comes from LASTUR, whose father was GAUCHO III. Gaucho III was the number one dressage stallion in America and his half-brother INVASOR II won a silver medal at the Athens Olympics.

Pearl of Peace has produced beautiful foals, all of which follow her character and gait.

He was a very rare combination for breeding - talent and color.

Pearl of Peace was a PRE Approved stallion.

He unfortunately died of colic in the prime of life.

ORCHID TRISTAN is one of her latest foals for Isabelle Pearl.
It is available for your mares for the 2024 season in artificial insemination in refrigerated transport.







Place :



Expected production at breeding:





Ses premiers poulains sont attendus pour 2025.

ORCHID TRISTAN comes from the best SEÑORIO DE BARIAIN lines, he is the great-grandson of the famous LASTUR born at the Señorio de Bariain breeding farm. The horses with the shoe Cartujanno and Escalera are also in the origins on the father's side. On his mother's side, we find the Paco Marti breeding, known worldwide for its rare coats, the quality and nobility of its horses, which are used for equestrian sport (dressage) and also for show, leisure and family life, and also twice Carmelo II, (Paco Marti). Orchid Tristan is the very representation of the horses of this lineage. He is a very easy, gentle stallion, who has size, a superb sports model, and impeccable functionality for dressage. He is broken in and will be ridden in Dressage. He was chosen by the Yeguada Los Siete Reinos, located in the Pays d'Auge, in Normandy, France, to bring a rare blood flow, an impeccable model, diluted coats and a golden character to the foals of his breeding.

ASCENDANTS: Orchid Tristan is a Purebred Spanish stallion, of Señorio de Bariain/Paco Marti lineage. His father PEARL OF PEACE EV, was trained Grand Prix, unfortunately died of colic in full swing. His father IMPETUOSO GAP II: His origins are from Yeguada Militar, descendants of emblematic horses such as Levitón, Oficial XXI, Deco, Jess and Agente, one of the best PRE lines in Spain. His great-grandfather LASTUR, the excellent stallion Señorio of Bariain Lovera/ Yeguada Militar. Its lines descend from the ancient Lovera lines and the most important Spanish Thoroughbred lines via GAUCHO III - PANADERO VIII and LEBRIJANO III. But the famous thing in the history of the lineage is that Artico's great-grandfather is GAUCHO III. A stallion descended from the legendary Miura Panadero VIII stallion who was a very striking stallion known for his extraordinary movement. Panadero VIII has won important championships in Spain and has numerous points in the ANCCE "Book of Merits", both for conformation and movement. Gaucho III was the PRE ambassador to the United States. He got there at the age of 7 in 1997 in the lucky and perfect hands of Janne Rumbough. The story goes (ref. no. 138 Trofeo Caballo 2011, by Katharina Braren) that Janne went to Spain to seek her dream; A PRE fit and prepared for dressage. Apparently she tried about 40 horses until she finally found Juan Matute and his Gaucho III who she fell in love with at first sight. She returned home empty-handed but told her husband Stanley about the magnificent horse she had encountered. Janne's competitive hotblood had just died of colic and her husband Stanley went to Spain without telling his wife, where he visited SICAB and essentially bought Gaucho III for Janne! What a great surprise and husband no! ? Fantastic. To say that Gaucho III has taken the dressage world by storm is an understatement. Janne R says her stud actually had "groupies" like a rock star! These groups of fans followed him on tour, and he was so good and successful that Janne said, "You had to love him and love him." He learned quickly, had wide, springy movements and was never tense. He had an exceptional character and grew in competitions. A good recipe for success in short!

While competing in the United States, Gaucho III was Region III Prix St Georges Champion, Intermediate I Freestyle Champion and qualified several times for the 'Festive of Champions' and Dressage in Devon. In the breeding classes for stallions suitable for dressage at the Devon Dressage CDI*** and the 1998 breed show, Gaucho III was reserve champion in the class for stallions aged 4 and over in hand and champion of reserve in stallions aged 4 and over under saddle class out of 18 warmblood stallions. Gaucho III was the first PRE stallion to compete in Devon in this stallion class. He won his first 2 Grand Prix and got 2nd place in his third. Gaucho also earned his rider his USDF gold medal in 2000. He had the respect of international judges as a great horse but unfortunately he was injured during the CDI *** selection trials for the 2000 Olympics during the vet check, jumping a lift and landing, sliding on the asfalt. In 2007 he was presented to the first court and became Qualified Stallion, 17 years old! He has been a very popular breeding stallion ever since and now has several of his offspring competing and winning in dressage. Gaucho's III's legacy continues with his progeny and to this day he is still the top Andalusian Dressage Stallion (PRE) ranked by the USEF (United States Equestrian Federation). Orchid Tristan's dam, Lago Hidalga, is a daughter of Especial PM, son of CARMELO II. ​

BREEDING INFORMATION: Orchid Tristan is available for refrigerated artificial insemination transported to France and Europe.

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