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Yeguada Los Siete Reinos

PRE Horses Stud Farm

Updated: June 1, 2024

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Yeguada Los Siete Reinos
Elevage de chevaux Pure Race Espagnole

Le cheval de Pure Race Espagnole représente la noblesse par excellence. Un cheval calme, posé, avec un corps digne d'une sculpture, en a inspiré plus d'un. Cheval de spectacle, cheval de dressage, cheval de haute école, cheval de loisirs.. le cheval de Pure Race Espagnole sait tout faire ! Doté d'un mental en or, ce cheval d'exception vous est présenté par l'élevage Yeguada Los Siete Reinos, Élevage de chevaux de Pure Race Espagnole au coeur du Pays d'Auge en Normandie. Découvrez nos chevaux à vendre, notre étalon Pure Race Espagnole noir disponible pour saillies, en France et en Europe.

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Our breeding of Purebred Spanish horses is based on a structure of 35 hectares of meadows, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge in Normandy, two hours from Paris.
We acquired our first PRE mare: ILUMINADA, then a stallion and a few mares. They are the basic horses of our small family breeding.



We seek to produce horses that conform to the breed standard both in terms of morphology and character. The Purebred Spanish horse must be an easy horse, kind, easy to handle and perfectly calm in any situation. It is the ideal horse for leisure riding, dressage, sport, driving, etc. The Purebred Spanish horse can do it all!

We produce few foals each year.

Our foals are handled daily from birth, which makes them good-natured foals, easy-going, sociable with other horses and also with other animals.

We specialize in the breeding of Purebred Spanish horses with a beautiful, harmonious and sporty model. Horses with an irreproachable character, ideal for any equestrian discipline such as leisure, sport, show...


The farm consists of 35 hectares of pasture, stabilized paddocks with open shelters with free access,  integrated hay distribution shelters (at will), feeding stall. The mares and foals are on site during the winter and the first months of the foals' life. 

The rest of the year, they are on the prairies in small herds.
We have a stable equipped with large boxes with video surveillance to control births / follow-up of the foals' first days of life.

Three large secure paddocks for mothers and their young before and just after foaling, an ultrasound bar for gynecological monitoring of mares, a shower, a grooming area, a tack room and a seed room.



The natural diet of our meadows, with a balanced combination of different grasses and fodder, is complemented by specific foods for different ages and activity levels.


Ongoing veterinary supervision and the professionalism and experience of our staff are focused on providing the best care to all horses at Yeguada Los Siete Reinos. We are passionate about horses.



We are particularly attached to our horses. For this reason, post-sale follow-up is essential for us. 
When you go with one of our horses, it's part of our family that goes.
The bond is detached but not broken with our foals. We always appreciate staying in touch with our adopters.

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