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The Purebred Spanish horse mounted

Royal stables of Cordoba, mounted horses and work on foot

Spain, cradle of the Purebred Spanish horse, participates largely in the preservation of the heritage of the PRE breed at work under the saddle and on foot by regularly presenting it at major popular festivals such as ferias, shows, etc.. Quality and the diversity of the horses presented is remarkable, but the most important thing is the character and the ease of the Purebred Spanish horse to let itself be trained, then lead in the middle of the crowd, in complete confidence and harmony with its rider.

From 2024, the Yeguada Los Siete Reinos located 10 minutes south of Lisieux (14) offers you private rides on our PRE horses to discover Pays d'Auge, long-distance hiking trails, Norman heritage, rhythm of the hooves of our Purebred Spanish horses.
(Capacity 2.3 people)

Do not hesitate to contact us to book your ride.
PRICE €30 excluding VAT / 1 hour ride for 1 person.
€50 excluding VAT / 1 ride for 2 people.

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