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Purebred Spanish black stallion.Champion ofFrance &Champion ofEurope DressageIberian Masters 2022.




















Date of birth: 05/12/2014

Name: Barquero JF IV

By Escogido JF & Barquera XVIII by Entendido XX (100% Escalera).

Dress: Black Eeaa

Height: 1.66m

Did you say "Nobility, functionality"? This unique stallion is of a baroque type while being sporty.

A horse that has capacities for sport and in particular dressage, endowed with an irreproachable character (see the video for yourself).

After winning the 2022 French and European MCI Level 2 Championships, Barquero left to represent the PRE horse in the Emirates. We thank its owner for the trust granted.

Barquero is available in artificial insemination in frozen semen for mating for the 2024 season.

Prices :

- 600 Euros Excluding VAT (OC) + technical costs.


1500 Euros Excluding VAT (PRE) + technical costs.

Covers sold with 48-hour live foal guarantee.


Expected production at breeding:



Barquero JF comes from the first lines of Spanish horses, the famous Escalera breeding. Horses with this shoe already existed in the years 1731.

La Yeguada de la Escalera is known throughout the world for the quality, functionality and nobility of its horses, which are used for equestrian sport (dressage) and also for entertainment, leisure and family life.

Barquero is the very representation of the horses of this line. It is an easy horse, nice, which has size, a superb baroque model, and irreproachable functionality for dressage. He has also been trained (Saint George level) and proves to be an excellent horse under saddle, both in career and outside.

He was chosen by the Yeguada Los Siete Reinos, owner of Barquero, located in the Pays d'Auge, in Normandy, France, to bring a rare blood stream, an irreproachable model and a golden character to the foals of his breeding.


Barquero is a Pure Spanish Breed, from the Escalera line.

His sire ESCOGIDO JF, fourth in the 4-year-old dressage section at the European Championship. His grandfather Voluntario XIV, a 1.70m black stallion with spectacular movements, was selected to go to the Olympic Games in Atlanta to represent the Spanish dressage team, and an unfortunate injury interrupted his promising career for a few months. earlier. His grandmother Escogida XXX, emblematic mare of his breeding, produced tall, powerful, athletic foals, whose dressage skills are well established.

His dam BARQUERA XVIII, a qualified breeder, was SICAB champion in 2000, and dam of several dressage and morphology champions. She is the daughter of Entendido XX, dressage champion under saddle and sire of 128 registered foals. Entendido XX is the 80% half-brother of Erminato III, the first Elite sire in Spain, himself by Ganador VIII who needs no introduction.

His grandmother Rondadora V, is a daughter of the famous LEBRIJANO III, famous stallion son of Agente, both Yeguada Militar.

INFOS SILLIES 2023: Barquero is available in frozen artificial insemination for France and Europe.

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