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Autumn... and the first weanings

The month of October passes at breakneck speed, between the revisions of our fillies, the weaning of our 2023 foals, and the first departures..

Broodmares need a period of time to rest, recover from foaling and six months of good care for their charges, so in the fall, before the cold winter days arrive , we begin to wean the foals.In this way, the mares can rest among themselves, in peace, while waiting for winter and spring to see their new foals born.

The Pure Bred Spanish PRE broodmares at Yeguada Los Siete Reinos, are enjoying the fall without their foals of the year.

The purebred Spanish PRE broodmares at the Yeguada Los Siete Reinos

The foals, during and after their weaning, benefit from a specialized diet to compensate for the cessation of mother's milk, always with grass and fodder at will. They receive their first vaccination, some are marked with the iron of breeding (without pain) and will soon leave to join their new families, we take advantage of this post to wish them a lot of happiness, this 2023 “vintage” will have particularly marked us by the kindness and ease of our foals.

Next year, ten foals are expected at the breeding ground, from the Dressage selection foal to the leisure foal, including the future Show horse.

La Yeguada Los Siete Reinos selects for you the best Purebred Spanish horses, to offer you foals that are healthy in their heads, kind, beautiful and conform to the standard of the breed.
We exclusively take care of our customers in a personalized way.
"Contact us by 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁𝘀𝗔𝗽𝗽 +𝟯3 6 84 34 55 87 for any information on horses or prices, we will be happy to help you.
We guarantee the quality of our horses and services. The satisfaction of our customers and our priority.Do not hesitate to contact us.
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