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Barquero JF IV

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

We wanted to dedicate a post to our first PRE stallion, sire of the first offspring of our Purebred Spanish horse breeding: Barquero JF IV.


This marvelous stallion left to represent the Purebred Spanish horse in the Emirates, we would like to thank his owner for his trust. In 2024 his foals will be born from our PRE mares and also from outside mares, we would also like to thank the owners of the outside mares for the trust placed in Barquero. We wish a bright future to this marvelous horse, we will not forget it since his blood runs in the veins of his first offspring Maravilla VMD, sublime black filly by our first mare Iluminada COTI, Manzanilla VMD, adorable filly 100% Escalera by Jornalera JF, Mango VMD, magnificent baroque black colt, Nebuloso VMD, full brother of Maravilla VMD, who is looking for his family, and Noblé VMD, full brother of Manzanilla VMD with a promising future. Thank you Barquero!

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