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Happy New Year everyone

One year ends, another begins...

Purebred black Spanish stallion for coverings.
Barquero JF IV, purebred black Spanish stallion for coverings.

Breeding is an eternal beginning. Each year the projects flourish, the new foals delight the breeders, tired of a sometimes very trying autumn/winter season, like this year with the numerous rains which ravage France and especially the Hauts de France.

Difficult to carry out our plans when the difficulties of life pile up and overwhelm us..

For this reason, we have decided to help mare owners realize their dreams despite the difficulties, by offering 5 coverings of our stallion BARQUERO JF IV in frozen semen at a reduced price, for any reservation before the 31st January 2024.

Contact us so as not to miss this unique opportunity, there won't be one for everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!

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