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❄️ Winter ❄️ has arrived.

The incessant rain for more than two months has caused numerous disasters in France. Fortunately for our equines, our facilities were not flooded and everyone is safe.

It is time for our broodmares to take up their winter quarters while waiting for next spring.

Our 2023 foals all joined their families in the fall.

Our last available filly Manzanilla VMD, has been reserved and will join her family within a few days.

The 2024 foals have not yet been born, our breeding projects are being refined day by day for the next breeding season, always with the same objective: to produce beautiful and good foals for selection as part of the improvement of the Purebred Spanish horse, and for the satisfaction of our customers.

We are taking advantage of this winter rest to thank our many customers for their confidence in our breeding program, we wish you all a happy holiday season.

Yeguada Los Siete Reinos

Breeding of Purebred Spanish Horses

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