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Explanation of prices


A customer asked me how much a foal costs with us.

I answered: 6000 € at the very least.

He said to me: so expensive? For an animal that is only 6 months old and has only nursed its mother.

I asked: how much do you think it would cost you?

He replies: €1500 maximum... It's a very simple job, isn't it? ! "

- For 1500 € I invite you to do it yourself.

- But... I don't know how to do that.

- For 1500 € I teach you how to do it. So, in addition to saving €4500, you will have knowledge for the next time you want.

- It seemed fair and he agreed.

- But to start, you need a mare and make her cover etc ...

But I don't have it and I can't buy everything for a job.

- Well, for 1800 € more, I'll rent you one so you can do it.

- Okay tell me.

- Its good! The day she is in heat, you pick her up and take her to insemination.

But I can't be free all the time, I work and I don't have a car.

Sorry, but on the day of ovulation she must be covered, otherwise she does not have a foal and it is possible to rent a truck.

- Its good! That means I'll have to sacrifice the day off, and renting will cost me dearly.

- I forgot that you also have to pay for the mating. It is necessary to count between 1200 and 2000 € (natural mounting or insemination, veterinary expenses and pension in addition).

It's expensive, and to do these tasks, I will spend more money and waste a lot of time!

- If you wish, I can put the mare to one of my stallions, it will save you, the trip and the rental of the truck will cost you around 2000 € (on cost and board).

- Its good.

- When the mare is pregnant and at home, you will have to adapt your diet, have her followed by a farrier, update her vaccines and deworming. At the time of foaling, you will have to watch her and be present to help her. Monitoring can last several weeks...

- You know, I've been thinking. You better do the job. I'd rather pay you €6,000. If I had to do it, it wouldn't be perfect and it would cost me a lot more.


When you buy a foal, you not only pay for the animal, but also:


- Awareness

- Experience

- Studies

- Tools

- Investments

- Services

- The hour of time.

- Punctuality

- Responsibilities

- Professionalism

- Precision

- Warranties

- Sacrifices

- Security

- Payment of tax obligations


No one can denigrate the work of others by judging prices.

Only by knowing all the elements needed to complete a particular job is it possible to assess its true cost.


The original text is not mine.


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